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What to expect from rotator cuff surgery

Rotator cuff injury: conservative management or surgery?

As a physical therapist in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, we are blessed to be surrounded with lakes and mountains that make it an outdoor paradise.  Since so many Bellingham residents are physically active, I also see my share of clients with shoulder pain and injuries, including rotator cuff injuries, shoulder bursitis, arm pain, frozen shoulder,  and shoulder tendinitis. A […]

“I’m having significant shoulder pain, is it a frozen shoulder?”

Shoulder pain can be a result of many different structural dysfunctions: rotator cuff injury, rotator cuff weakness, tightness of the capsule, poor posture, etc. One common diagnosis is a “Frozen shoulder” or the technical name, Adhesive Capsulitis.  As the name suggests, the capsule tightens up, not allowing for normal shoulder movement. What can cause this and […]

The birth of a new website

As many of you know, my treatment specialty is Osteopathic manual structural therapy and exercise prescription. However, over the years I have had patients that have requested just an exercise program to help manage their pain, be it neck, back, or shoulder, because they cannot afford to attend PT. Many cannot attend therapy because they […]

Proximal stability before distal mobility

If you have ever been a patient of mine, you have probably heard me talk about certain treatment principles that I strongly adhere to.  One such principal is  “Proximal stability before distal mobility” which simply refers to the fact that we must first have good mobility and strength along our core (mid-line structures along our spine) before we can […]

5 strengthening exercises to avoid at the gym

I will often get asked about weight training and which exercises should be done and others that need to be avoided.  Let’s first start with the 5 to avoid so we don’t reinforce incorrect or faulty movement patterns.  I’ve compiled my “top 5 list to avoid” based on my experience as a Physical Therapist.  Let me give […]