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What to expect from rotator cuff surgery

Rotator cuff injury: conservative management or surgery?

As a physical therapist in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, we are blessed to be surrounded with lakes and mountains that make it an outdoor paradise.  Since so many Bellingham residents are physically active, I also see my share of clients with shoulder pain and injuries, including rotator cuff injuries, shoulder bursitis, arm pain, frozen shoulder,  and shoulder tendinitis. A […]

“I’m having significant shoulder pain, is it a frozen shoulder?”

Shoulder pain can be a result of many different structural dysfunctions: rotator cuff injury, rotator cuff weakness, tightness of the capsule, poor posture, etc. One common diagnosis is a “Frozen shoulder” or the technical name, Adhesive Capsulitis.  As the name suggests, the capsule tightens up, not allowing for normal shoulder movement. What can cause this and […]