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Teenage athletes, poor sleep, and sugary drinks: recipe for disaster

Being the basketball junkie that I am, I was reading an article that was trying to explain why so many young, first round draft picks in last years draft where injured: 7 of the top 11 picks where injured and lost significant time during the season (if not the whole season!). But why? Although the […]

Myofascial Trigger Points

An Introduction to the Self Treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points Learn simple, cost effective techniques to help alleviate chronic muscle pain Myofascial Trigger Points (TrP’s) are very common and are responsible for many of our common, daily, complaints of “muscle-type” pain. As a Physical Therapist, I have successfully added TrP therapy to my practice and […]

Getting your haircut in India, Evidence Based Medicine, and CranioSacral Therapy

“Evidence Based Medicine” (E.B.M.) is all the rage. Many would say if your treatment technique isn’t Evidence Based, don’t bother, save your money, the guy’s probably a quack. From a clinical standpoint, I live in both worlds: the black and white, Evidenced Based one, where you can measure the effects of your intervention and prove […]

Stop the insanity! Put away the Ultrasound and Electrical Stim for the treatment of shoulder pain

“I have shoulder pain, what should I do” Current research may offer some answers..First of all, stop wasting your time with ultrasound and electrical stimulation….. Many P.T.’s continue to use “passive modalities” to help treat shoulder pain with mixed results. Personally, I found no long term help with such passive modalities like Ultrasound, electrical -stimulation, […]

We are all connected ~ Leah Vong, OTR/L

When we think about the body, we need to consider it as a whole… a connected unit. For example, as far as the pelvis is from the neck and the liver from the shoulder, one can still have a profound affect on the other and on our global movement patterns.

Welcoming Leah to our IPTS team!

Hello everyone, My name is Leah and I am an occupational therapist working with Ed and Elizabeth here at Integrative. My focus as a practitioner is on mind and body, health and wellness. Occupational Therapists or OTs are trained to be able to look at “the whole person” including assessing ones roles, routines, daily activities, […]

Myofascial Trigger Point Class in Bellingham, WA

I have heard from a few people who wanted to take the Myofascial Trigger Point class last January, but had prior plans so……I will be offering the Introduction to the Self Treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points class again Saturday, March, 28th at our clinic, 2114 James Street, Bellingham, WA . The time of the class […]

Class update: Introduction to the Self Treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points.

1/31/2015 Summary of the first “Introduction the Self Treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points” class held January 24th, 2015. It was Thanksgiving 2014 and we are watching the Seahawks demolish the 49 er’s . It was in the euphoria of the win (and a few beers) that I decided I needed to take the plunge and […]

Posture and Pain: How strong is the link?

  Posture and Pain: How strong is the link? When I was in PT school, we had a whole unit dedicated to the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of “postural dysfunctions”. Likely enemies included excessive kyphosis (rounded upper back), leg length difference, muscle imbalances/tightness from side to side, elevated or depressed shoulder girdles, tight psoas, winging […]

Double Crush Syndrome: Why you need to know about it

Sharing some thoughts from an interesting client seen in the clinic last week. What happens when the diagnosis doesn’t fit the clinical picture? For example, the client who presents with lateral elbow pain and is given the diagnosis of “tennis elbow” or technically “lateral epicondylitis”. This would seem plausible except for one reason: this particular […]